France – Camping in France’s highest winter camping

Hidden between the world famous ski resorts such as Tigne and Val-Thorens located valley Peisey Vallandry, which most people are fairly unknown. It is not only France’s highest winter campsite, but also a gem one never forgets.

Just 14 km challenges

Campsite in high location, the caravan will be 100% ready for winter driving, to arrive safely. The trip to and from Norway, from November to March by the extreme winter roads. It may surprise many, but if the equipment and the vehicle combination is in order, there is nothing wrong to seek the adventure. There is a motorway from the Danish border to exit the N90 at the town of Landry. From here it is 14 km demanding mountain run with gradients of up to 8%. It requires both good traction in the car and the right tires at the whole equipage. There is a campsite in Landry. If necessary, stay there an overnight, if the going is too poor to drive up the mountain. If in doubt, one can also make the trip without the caravan first. So one gets a clear sense of the terrain, before driving with the caravan.

Statement of carriage

The caravan stays on the vehicle as it is difficult to push the stroller in the snow. Once it is in water and the outriggers are spun down, conn heat and power. Check how many amps space has, before all energy consuming appliances connected. Heat is most important. Central heating on this type winter camping trip is clearly preferable, because it may be powered by gas and electricity, so that you achieve very high power. Feel free to bring a winter awning, which can be used as additional space for example. ski, while it seems like heat lock for caravan. It is important, that there is a proper winter tent or 4 season family tent, where the roof slopes so that snow slides off easily and tent poles are more powerful.

A true gem

The campsite is absolutely wonderful with mountains on both sides and right by an open forest area, where there are plenty of opportunities for cross-country skiing and hiking on snowshoes. A half kilometer from the square ends road and here begins the Vanoise National Park , which is unspoiled and beautiful.

A huge contrast to the valleys on the other side of the mountains, where the big noisy and crowded ski resorts are located. Here there is peace and quiet. If you want to ski, you can take the ski bus to three smaller places in Peisey Vallendry. There are small nice ski resorts, which are ideal for children and beginners. The campsite has its own small restaurant which is highly recommended, because it has a good local cuisine.

More than skiing

The Vanoise National Park offers many activities other than skiing and therefore you need not to be ski enthusiast to go on winter camping. Dog and sleigh rides are a true idyll in the beautiful valley. It provides appetite and if one wants to satisfy his hunger with local specialties, so visit the Beaufort local farm, where cows can be folded, before driving home with the tasty cheese. And then there’s the sun, who kindly looking forward quite often and then it’s just taking up deck chair and soak up. Enjoy life, the fresh and clean mountain air and silence. A camping gem out of the ordinary.

Facts about Les Lanchettes

Camping Les Lanchettes is 1470 m.
The campground has 10 amps.
Ski room, drying room and restaurant.
Distance from Norway via Geneva, Annecy, Albertville: 1915 km.
14 km mountain drive from the motorway / Landry to the campsite Les Lanchettes.
Calculate 3 ½ day trip each way.
Remember snow tires on all vehicle combination. Chains accepted the whole equipage.

A little tip

You should go to the area in late March or early April. When the roads are snow-free and dry and it makes the challenge a little easier. In return, it is not so much snow, but you can still go skiing or go snowshoeing. Have one good time, you can continue south and experience a French spring.

Good advice for winter camping

Test your car before the long trip.
The water system should be isolated so it does not freeze.
Gas Rate – Test consumption at home, when there is different amount being used. Depends on factors such as outside temperature, other sources of heat, cooking and more.

Consider the Health of your Baby

Babies are blessings given to a father and a mother in every family. It is the sole responsibility of the parents to take care of their children. And as an infant, a baby will not speak and tell you what he needs and what he wants to do. The parents are responsible in learning to know how to understand their babies. And it is their big responsibility to make sure that their baby will be kept away from harm or any sickness. Babies are sensitive. Their immune system is not fully developed and you must know that fact.

1. When babies are said to be healthy


Health is wealth. This is not only true for babies but to everybody, especially the parents because if they get sick, then chances are the baby might be affected and acquire the sickness or virus that the parents are carrying.

  • The babies are always calm.
    When babies are just on the bed and not sleeping, they are just relaxing. They calm down as if they are talking to angels looking after them.
  • Normal urination and waste disposal.
    It is always a good sign for a baby to be healthy if they have normal urination and waste disposal. You can see from the waste that there is something wrong and that will depend on its color, so parents must be paying attention to that.
  • Pays attention to objects or colors, movements and sounds.
    Babies do not have an idea on what is happening around. For every movement people does, they face and look at you. As if they are following every movement happening around him. Babies are fascinated with colors and they always keep an eye on the fancy colors that caught their attention. And when it comes to sound, you might not be aware that babies do listen to whatever they can hear around. And there are even some babies who have a very strong memory and those sounds will always be remembered.
  • Respond to parents or other people talking to them.
    When it’s time to cuddle with the baby, they smile and respond to your gentle touch. They make movements and hold to your finger whenever you touch their palms.
  • Cries less.
    When babies do not feel anything bad, you will not hear them crying, they will just cry if they are hungry.
  • Sound asleep
    Always having a good sleep because they don’t feel anything bad.

2. When babies feel sick


  • Frequent crying.
    You will know that there is something wrong with your baby if after feeding or changing diapers, still he keeps on crying hard.
  • Can’t sleep.
    Because the baby feels bad, then he can’t catch his sleep.
  • Temperature is hot.
    You will know that your baby is sick when you touch his palm or body and you will notice that it is not that normal warmness.

Babies are needed to have a regular check-up so that the doctor can help you monitor the health of your baby and so that you can give them the vitamins that they need. As an adult and a parent, you must learn how to be responsible because life is wealth.

Biking to School

Biking among children has so much popular that now you will also see that they are biking while going to and coming from their schools. Besides their other free times for riding bikes, they are utilizing these as transportation. Many will say that this is a risky treat while others will argue on that, but this article may give you a solution for the debate whether your child should ride to school or not.


Children should be allowed for biking to school only if the route from their house to their school is safe enough. So if you see that the roads that your child will have to follow to reach his or her school are risky, then you never let your child ride for reaching school. For a better idea about risky places, please read the places that must be avoided for riding have thorough knowledge about all sorts of unsafe roads.

Read more on balance bike reviews here.

How your Child May Ride to School?

This scenario is not uncommon, and this is viable too. Suppose that you got admitted your child in a nearby kindergarten and the route for reaching the school is safe enough, then you may let your child ride to his or her school. It does not mean that you will not be with your child. Anybody adult should be always with the kids for close supervision.

Why is It Good to Ride to School?

Most of the schools are situated within a open ground, and the ground or open place is basically used for regular assembly for the students as well as during free time such as tiffin break or other intervals, students play there enjoyably. Some students may play football, some may cricket, while others may other types of games and sports on the play ground of their school. So if a student can bring a bike in the school, then he or she can ride it as most of the schools’ grounds are surrounded with a circled mini street. This place is suitable for riding a bike safely. But if your child does not bring the bike by riding, then it is very tough to bring that separately, and this will cause a great hassle to you.

Other Reasons for Biking to Shool!

Grow responsibility among kids: If your child rides a bike to reach his or her school, then this will build professionalism in him or her. The bike will not be a matter of mere toys for playing, rather it is a means of transportation. This will help your child grow self sufficiency as well.

Better utilization of the free time in school: Your child will have a great scope to pass the free time in school as there is ample room to ride in a big compound.

The attraction for the school: This is true that if your child rides to school and loves it very much, then he or she will not want to miss a single day for presenting in the school as the great attraction will be with bike riding.

They are not only biking, but also exercising: You may take your child to his or her school in your private car or other public transports, but that will not give you the facility of exercising. Whereas riding a bike to school will be a great source of exercise too. Your child will automatically go through an exercise while riding.

Lastly, riding is a good habit both for enjoyment as well as exercise, so this can be used as a vehicle at the time of reaching schools.

The best baby equipment to buy

Apart from baby items such as lightweight strollers at, there are other items that you can buy to aid you in breastfeeding your baby properly. Breastfeeding is one of the important times in the baby’s growth and development. You should thus ensure that you are comfortable and the baby is secure so that they can breastfeed well. There have been many different tools and products that have been developed to help you breastfeed the baby properly.

The different tools

A big bed


One thing that you will need is a big bed that will make it easy for the baby to sleep with you. This will create closeness and intimacy with the baby. The bed should be comfortable and soft for the baby. You should never lay the baby on a water bed as it will inhibit their movement and they will not be able to pull away when they have had enough. You are advised to avoid alcohol and other forms of drugs when you are sleeping with the baby on the same bed. This is because the smell may interfere with their capacity to be alert. Continue reading

Detailed information about Longboard

Popularly coined as the term skateboard by people, longboards are sports equipment which look like skateboard but are longer than them in dimensions. These boards are fun and useful at the same time. Be it transportation or adventures like downhill racing, longboards are just the thing one needs. Nowadays due to its increasing popularity these have emerged as a style statement for the young generation.

Basic elements of a Longboard

girl longboards are made up of several important elements such as deck, pintails, trucks, wheels and many others that add to the effectiveness of the board.

  • The most important component in a longboard is its deck. A deck is simply a platform over the wheels on which the rider balances himself. The deck is made up of different wood materials like maple, bamboo, oak etc. These boards differ in sizes in accordance with the varied demands in the market.
  • For high speed riding a stiffer deck is suggested whereas for lower speed riding a flexible deck is suggested. Due to the large size of the wheels in the longboard, they pick up a high speed as compared to the normal skateboards.

Free Shipping Cheap font longboard

Using them is safe and secure

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Choose the best e-scooter and enjoy a smooth ride

Saving cash and as well as the environment can prove to be the best thing. Yes, it is possible and for that you need to buy an electric scooter because it is cheap, helps you save on the gas and is environment friendly as well. In last few years the popularity level of different types of e-scooters in different states has soared to a new high. That old fashioned bicycle has been replaced with these ultra modern e-scooters. The best electric scooter on the market nowadays is available at less than $150.

Kids love to drive e-scooterskid scooters

  • Kids these days wish to have an e-scooter with them and they want to zoom outside and enjoy the fresh air. This scenario is also proving to be helpful for those kids who were mostly glued to their computer screens. Now, they are also venturing outside and are enjoying a nice and comfortable ride on electric powered scooters.
  • There are many kids and even adults who are using these types of environment friendly scooters for going to their friend’s house and even local markets and parks. All this have helped kids in becoming more independent as well as confident.
  • As electric scooters are proving to be highly economical, it seems that very soon they will push gas powered scooters out of the market. Apart from fewer prices, they are easy to maintain and are quite reliable as well.
  • People with disabilities can also use these scooters. All they need to do is to get the scooters modified as per their requirement. The scooters can be easily recharged by connecting to a power source. You will see the batteries getting fully charged within in few hours and you can easily use them for travelling to a distance up to 20 to 30 miles.
  • Though these scooters are not ideal for long distances but can be used within cities, local neighborhoods and for home delivery purposes.

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How to wean the baby

Most parents do struggle when it comes to weaning the baby. It is recommended that you breast feed the baby exclusively for the first 6 months. After that you can begin to introduce the baby to other foods to complement the milk. Weaning should be done slowly and you should ensure that you and the baby are comfortable.
Okay, if you have always nursed the baby when they are in distress, you need to find other ways to comfort the baby. This will make the weaning- stopping breastfeeding, a successful process.

When should you start weaning?


You are the only person who can decide when to wean your baby. That means you need to do it slowly until the baby is ready to eat the solid foods. It is however recommended that you introduce foods when the baby is at least 6 months. There is no right or wrong way to wean the baby.

  • You can do the baby led- weaning; this is the type of weaning where the baby starts losing interest in nursing. When you start giving the baby solid foods, they may lose interest in breast milk. However, you should not force them. Most children will want to breast feed until they are even 36 months.
  • You may choose to initiate the weaning instead of waiting for the baby to lose interest in nursing. The mother led weaning is perfect for you if you are going back to work. When the weaning is mother initiated, the baby may not be ready. You should thus do it gradually. You need to exercise patience when you are introducing the baby to new foods. It may take time for the baby to adjust to the change.

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Breast milk vs. formula feeding

Choosing whether to breastfeed or to give your baby formula is the personal choice. The choice you make is usually influenced by your lifestyle. Both of these two choices are good and they both offer great benefits to the baby. Before you can make the choice, you need to know the differences between breast milk and formula feeding and the health benefits they have.

Should you breastfeed?


It is recommended that you should breastfeed the baby exclusively from birth up to when the baby is 6 months. You may opt to continue to give the baby breast milk until they are around 12 months- this is in combination with other foods of course. You should know that you can continue breastfeeding until the baby is around 24 month- as long as the baby is willing to and more as long as you are comfortable with it. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, you may choose to formula feed and the formula feeding plays the crucial role in deciding children’s height growth. And you should consult with a healthcare practitioner on which baby formula to use for your baby. Continue reading

What to do when you are expecting?

So you are expecting? Congratulations! Now what? Well as a new mom, one thing that you will definitely do is to panic which should not be the case. You need to relax and enjoy this period. To be successful in this pregnancy, there are some things that you will need to do to help you through.

What to do

Once the pregnancy test comes out positive, you need to make some necessary changes in your lifestyle to pave way for the new baby. Yes, it will be 9 months away but the earlier you start the better.

1. Visit a dietitian


Good nutrition is not only important for you but also for the fetus. This is the time that you need to be concerned with what you are eating. You need to visit the dietitian as early as possible, probably when you are going for your antenatal check up. The first trimester is usually very critical as that is the period when the baby develops his body organs. A dietitian will tell you that there are specific nutrients that you need to take to ensure that the baby is developing well.

  • Folic acid; this is one of the important nutrients that you need to take. The daily amount recommended during pregnancy is usually 600mg. However, because the diet cannot provide that, you are advised to take in folic supplementation. This helps to prevent birth defects especially the neural tube defects.
  • Calcium; this you need around 1000mg daily. You may need supplementation, but the amount can be covered by the diet you take. Calcium is known for promoting strong bones.
  • Iron; this you need to take about 27 mg. You will need supplementation to meet the daily requirement
  • Intake of the vitamins like vitamin B6, A, Thiamine, riboflavin, C and Vitamin D

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Things to help children increase the maximum height

In modern society, the height is not only one of the criteria for evaluating the comprehensive development of human beings but also the advantage of contributing to the success of someone in their life. To help the children get the exceptional height when they are mature, parents should note the following important things

1. Know well the height development process of the children

Increase Height of Child

The process of bone growth begins from the fetal stage to twenty-five years old for the boys and twenty-three years old for the girls. This process is dissimilar which means it is divided into different stages, so regularly observing the development of the height and the weight of the children will help parents care for their children better. Also, basing on the pace of children’s development of height and weight, parents can realize timely the unusual signals from their children to adjust.

  • Full-term babies will get a height of 50 centimeters when they were born. At the first year, their height will increase by 25 centimeters. In fact, the boys may be higher than 2 centimeters the girls.
  • Children who are over one year of age will get the height increase more slowly which means they will add 6 to 7 centimeters each year (about 0.5 centimeter per month)
  • The age of puberty which is different between two sexes is considered the most important stage because your children may rise from 8 to 10 centimeters for one or two years if they are nurtured well.
  • After the age of puberty, the average height of children only rises 2 centimeters per year

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